Marie Hamilton

Marie Hamilton

Marie T. Hamilton: was an integral part of the creation and development of Western Risk Insurance. As a 40 year Commercial Insurance Professional with expertise in Underwriting, Sales and Service. Marie specialized in Condo/HOA/Apartments and Commercial Real Estate.

She had a special knack for taking rookies under her wings and developing them into great producers. She enjoyed teaching and was a fabulous mentor.

Marie was the recipient of the 2006 AAMGA Award (second time) and was recognized at the Region VIII, NAIW 2006 Regional Conference. She had been active in the Community Association Institute and Southern Nevada Multi-Housing Association. She was an active member and a NAIW Certified Instructor of the Insurance Women of Las Vegas (NAIW). Marie is the Past President and Past State Director of the Insurance Women of Las Vegas (NAIW) and she is the recipient of the American Association of Managing General Agent’s 2000 Achievement Award, Insurance Women of Las Vegas’ 2002 Member of the Year Award, 2004 Women of Distinction Award and many more awards and recognition in the past years.

Marie retired as the Senior Executive Vice President in April of 2012. She is now enjoying her retirement while living with family in the San Francisco Bay area.

She still calls in once in a while to make sure all is well at the Western Risk Insurance Agency.